Help Request: Emulating Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Hi, I’m new here so please excuse me if I’m not up to par.

My CD drive in my main computer busted in the middle of a KOTOR II game and I’d really like to get playing again (I do have a comp with a working CD drive, so making different emulations is not a problem).

I know it’s protected by securom 7, and I went through the steps in the Kill SecuRom emulation Detection thread, but I haven’t had much luck (the deny procedure).

Now it tells me that it cannot find or authenticate the disk.

I’m using Alcohol 120 to emulate and I have it on both computers.

I used the “SecuRom *NEW” setting, RMPS enabled in Alcohol and I’m retrying right now with the 4x/5x setting.

Thanks for any help.

Actually, it worked with the 4x/5x settings!

Thanks anyway,