Help req to find pioneer dvd drivers!

Hi, I hope some one on here can help as my knowledge is limited.
I have just bought a Pioneer dvr-115d dvd writer as my old sony unit died,
It was supplied with no installation disc and i can’t find any drivers that relate to this model :sad:- any help in pointing me in the right direction would be gratefully accepted.:bow:
Thanks v much in advance :bigsmile:


Welcome to the forums-

If you are using XP or Vista - no drivers are required-

Install (making SURE that the jumper on the back of the Pioneer is set correctly-and the burner is placed the same as the Sony was on the cable-and the cable is 80 wire - 40 pin) power up and windows will find the drivers and install them on the boot (so give it some time when you first boot) and walla!!! you should be good to go-eh!!