Help remove history,internet tracks?

Hello . I would like to know some of the best free downloads for removing your internet tracks etc possibly removing them from your hard disk as well i used to run privacy guardian by pc tools vgood but money a bit tight right now can any one help me out here. thanks in advance wilsonrob.

Have a look at this one:

Haven’t tried it, but looks like it might be okay.

thanks for the reply anybodyelse have any other links they have tried and liked im looking for the best free cleaner i can get thanks again to all for particapating in my quest.


if you were using Opera, then there wouldn’t be any need for such as there is already a “1-click-remove-internet-traces” built-in :smiley:

Otherwise, MSIE should have options to remove temporary files and cookies. But unfortunately they are spread all over the software :frowning:


Yep CCleaner is good, but be careful, it will ruin your day if you delete the wrong stuff :iagree:
Easy Cleaner is better for newbs as it has an “undo” button.

As stated, your browser will also have some controls and settings to take advantage of.

ccleaner back ups the registry when you clean it, that way you can just click on the back up and it reinstall itself, uncheck all the tabs and go from there to find your troubling file you deleted.

Very easy to use, if you read the instructions and such, best one I have ever used thus far in 15 years or so…

mmm…Ive used CCleaner for a couple of years now, and with all honesty can say it NEVER stuffed my computer up. I even recommended it to a University and they use it every day with no probs :slight_smile:

jv16 PowerTools

I use CCleaner and reboot to completely erase items removed.

I never empty my internet files. Never defrag either. I just toss the hard drive when it gets slow and install a new one :bigsmile: i use CC also.

I second on ccleaner …does a great job not for just what you are looking for here but other misc. perks in th eproggy as well