HELP! Registry errors following reflash

Hey all,
Newbie here, Have been trying to sort through all the info on firmware updating and can’t seem to find the info I need.
I just updated Lite-On LTR-52327S CD burner and my LDW-411S DVD Durner to the firmware given on the Lite-Onit usa web site
with DR4FS0J (for the DVD burner) and R52QS0E57 (for the CD burner). Now I have an error stating that “Your registry might be corrupt (code 19)”
DO I need to reflash with mtkflash?
Could someone please help a newbie out?

PS I tired to run the firmware upgrading programs again thinking the reflash might have messed up and now it says it can’t find the drive.

Try removing the drives in Device Manager then restarting your computer.

I tried that. After I restarted, the drives did not show up in Windows explorer. I went into the control panel into Add/Remove Hardware and the drives showed up, but with that yellow exclamation point and the same message is there. Your registry might be corrupt. Code 19.
Thanks for the idea though