HELP! Region Unlock Panasonic S325

Hey guys. I’m new here…nice forum you got going :clap:. Google led me here, and i hope i can get some help from you guys “in the know” 'cos i’ve been having some real trouble with this.

i own a Panasonic S325 DVD Player, and it is currently set to region 2 (default…i live in south africa)

how can i region unlock it? i cant seem to find any info online, and the one site i found wont allow me to register. i have read that i must first update the firmware, but cant find it anywhere. i have tried the polish panasonic site (like mentioned in another thread) but i cant read/decode the language, so no luck. :doh:

i will REALLY appreciate any help in this regard!!!

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Edit: Done!


no listed region hack

I understand that you need to rent a Panasonic service remote to do this.

Pannys are always easier to buy pre-converted to being honest.

i guess. see, i bought my dvd player as part of a home theater system combo deal straight from panasonic and the unit is still region locked