Help regarding LG H42N

Hi, all

I just purchased LG H42N and it has RL00

I saw somewhere that there is no way to back up LG firmware right?

Can someone provide me the link where to download the latest official firmware, and what is RJ11 firmware is that the same as Riplock Firmware by ala42 ?


for the latest firmware try
I don’t use RJ11. In H42N scans thread you can find info about RJ11

I am very happy with the RLOO firmware, and I would not flash it until it is publicly available so you can flash back.

I have LG gsa h42n my firmware’s version is E113, I can’t update it.
he tell me “target drive not found” and I am sure that’s I have the good version
I cannot burn dvd-r and and I have many bugs in reading.