Help,regarding hardware error

Hi all. Nice to be here.

Sorry is this is a common problem and has been covered many times but I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem burning dual layer DVDs. I have a Phillips DVDR1628 which has been working fine to burn single layer discs, but when I try to burn dual layer, it fails every time. I have tried to burn it in several different programs, eventually settiling on DVDFab which helpfully gave me an error warning saying “Hardware error 9216”.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this means. Can anyone enlighten me?



What brand is the media and the mediacode?

The brand is Datasafe and I’m afraid I don’t yet know what a mediacode is! Sorry, new to all this. Can you elaborate?



I am using DVD Region 2 and i got the same error when burning the extracted data to the DVD folder with DVDFab Platinum (Gold Mode)

I got Hardware Error 9216 when finalizing the burning process. However the DVD is playing well in my computer but won’t play in dvd player.

I forgotthe tech data: DVD-R single layer. The DVD Region is # 2 Europe. Dell Inspiron 6000 DVD Burner built-in.

Datasafe…that sounds ominous!

Try downloading DVDIdentifier or CD-DVD Speed (if you have Nero, you can find CD-DVD Speed in the Toolkit)…that will tell you what the Media ID (or mediacode) is for your discs!