Help reduce size of dvd

I need a litle help.
a friend of mine rented a movie and now i would like to burn it.
I used dvd-decrypter and stored it to my hard disk, but the size is way to big for a normal dvd, the size is 7,2 gb
and the dvd i want to burn it to have 4,2 or 4,4 gb in size.
So what i need help with is a program that can reduce the size of the 7,2 gb so i can burn it to the dvd.
or a program that can decrypt the dvd and at the same time reduce the size.
I hope someone can help me.

Had you purchased the DVD rather than borrowed a rental, I would have
recommended DVD2One from:
Unfortunately you didn’t…so I can’t.

thanks for the help.
And you are right i should have purchased the dvd.:slight_smile: