Help Recording With DVD+R DL

I have a sony rdr-gx355 dvd reorder. It states that it will record double layer discs, but i am having no luck with it. Some discs will not even record, but will immediately error. Other dl discs will record but will skip when playing back. The video will not be clean. I am trying to record sports games that require around four hours of recording. A regular dvd+or-r does not have enough recording space to provide a decent quality video. Any help or suggestion??? Thanks!

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Just what media are you using as really only Verbatim DVD+R DL is worth buying?

I first tried dynex, which errored before it would even start recording, so i bought memorex and those recorded but the video was garbeled and skipped a lot. I will try verbatim. Any other suggestions? Sony support site sucks. Thanks for your help!

Certainly the disks you’ve been using so far are not ones that anyone here would recommend.

Verbatim disks work great. Thanks for the help!