Help recognising my problem with back up of subcodes



The problem I am having is with the copying of cdg disc. I am very used to the understanding of what is needed to do this. However, I have come across a problem that no one seems to recognise ? OK let me explain the problem - The problem is the same on alll software i have tried…such as Alcahol120%, and Clonecd, …etc… I am copying using RAW DAO 96 and reading sub-channel Data with out the correction of subcodes.
This works fine and produces both music and words from my cdg player, AS LONG as the disc i am copying has less than about 7/8 tracks. IF the disc that I am copying has more tracks than this the problem is that all the Audio tracks play fine BUT the sub-codes (words) only work for the first 7/8 tracks, after that the subcodes just FREEZE… and all further tracks do not have subcodes… I HAVE TRIED FOR DAYS TO FIND THE PROBLEM…
PLEASE can anyone HELP !!! Many Thanks