Help! rebadged BenQ 1620 can't read 2x DVD-RW

I just bought a Pacific Digital which I guess is a BenQ 1620. Firmware is G7K9.

I have some 2x DVD-RW that I use to record programs on my JVC standalone DVD recorder. The BenQ can’t read the DVD-RW. I tried 2 different ones - Sony and Fuji. If it can’t read the DVD-RW, the drive is useless for me.

Before I return it, is there anything I can do? :confused:

Did you close the DVD-RW disc before you play on Benq 1620 ?? It need to close (mean fininalize) of DVD “Minus” disc when recording on standalone DVD recorder, but the DVD “Plus” doesn’t need the action.

Yes, both DVD-RW were finalized.

I am able to read them on my LG drive which unfortunately won’t burn DVDs anymore. That’s why I bought the BenQ 1620.

I did read on this forum that the BenQ1620 burns 2x DVD-R at 2.4x. I am wondering whether it can’t read at 2x.

I’m hoping someone has access to a 2x DVD-RW and can verify this.

Welcome. :wink:

Sure, BenQ 1620 can read 2x DVD-RW´s. :slight_smile:

Attachment is picture of “read-back” from a HDD back-up, burned 5 months ago with my Lite-On SOHW-812 at 2x speed.

ieee488 , try to burn a 2x DVD-RW with your BenQ and see what happens. I’ll do the same.

  • Huston, we have a problem -

Erased and burned (what I think anyway) my MCC DVD-RW with 1.9GB image data file on my BenQ. See attachment.
Tried to read back same data on my DVDRW drives (see sig.), but none of them recognizes the data on disc. I get a verification, disc is inserted in explorer, but on all drives, BenQ included, disc shows up… EMPTY.! :a

Weird. :confused: I just hope I didn’t waste this only once burned DVD-RW.

Next up is a burn on same disc with my NEC.

I don’t need to burn to 2x DVD-RW just read from it.
Also, I believe the JVC standalone recorder writes to the DVD-RW at 1x.

I am going to try upgrading the firmware. If that doesn’t work this unit is going back.

Sorry ieee488, it’s not my intention to hijack your thread, but this is of great general interest, so I hope you don’t min if I post some more information related to this topic. :slight_smile:

Yes I undertand. :wink: But others maybe need to be able burn DVD-RW´s at 2x burn speed.

Okay, I tried two diferrent discs, one burned once before and one brand new.
Both are with MID; MCC 01RW11n9, 2x rated. After a burn on BenQ 1620, none of them can read back by any of my DVDRW drives.

You can see my burn on BenQ above. Just to prove a 16x burner is able burning 2x DVD-RW I will attach a pic. from NEC 3500 burn. :wink:

Picture no. 2 proves once again, BenQ is fully able to rip (read back) 2x burned DVD-RW. ~2GB data was read-back in less then 3 mins to my HDD.

I have to do more testing, also on other firmwares, before any final verdict can be made. :slight_smile:

Yep, my BenQ 1620 can READ DVD-RW burned at 1x burn speed. :smiley:

Okay, first I used my trusty Litey 812 to burn same file I used above on my newly erased DVD-RW at 1x speed.
Popped same disc in my BenQ and everything is read back without a problem.
Note. At the moment of picture below my drive was a “Philips”, heh he.

I went and tried 2 more DVD-RW burned from my standalone JVC DVD recorder.
Out of the 4, the BenQ was able to read only 1. I’m returning it to Staples.