Help reading the Lead In and the RID


I need some information and am struggling to find the answers. Wewish to press discs with specific data in the lead in area. However, it appears that the lead in is not available to all CD-ROM readers. Is this true? Is there a way to access the lead in or the ATIP from a CD-ROM reader, especially an old one?

Also, Iam trying to find out more information about the RID (recorder identification code). Is there a way that we can access the RID on a disk if it is available. Also if it is available and a CD-Writer that doesn’t support RID tries to copy the disk, will it copy the RID of the writer that previously wrote the data?

Thanks in advance

To my information (which may be wrong so apologies in advance) :

The RID is not accessible by using normal means of reading. The RID is written on various sectors of your freshly burnt cd. Philips usually uses it on its standalone cd and dvd recorders. Blu-Ray might re-introduce the RID process amongst other semi-protections.

The ATIP should always be readable , but cannot be changed. Every recordable device comes with pre-recorded ATIP’s. If you’d press your own cd’s , who knows if you can make your own fun ATIP.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere,

I am not sure that the ATIP is accessible from standard CD-ROM Readers. I am under the impression that one can only access the ATIP from a writer. Is there a way to access this area from ALL types of optical reading devices?


ATIP cant be read from CD-ROMs i dont think. CD-RW units can definatly, i think.