Help! questions about my cdrw

hi all, i have a few questions concerning my cdrw
i have a LG CED 8120b

i was wondering can i backup copies of my games which have sd2 protection on it??

on some sites it says my cdrw can but on other sites it doesnt show my cdrw as a recorder which can backup cd’s with sd2. AND on another site it says i may need some utility to help me

ex. betablocker, DAEMON, etc…

so basically i wanna know can my cdrw backup cd’s that have sd2 with out these utilites?

oh and do i need any firmware ??
and has anyone messed up there cdrw when installing firmware??

i saw a site which is warning me that if u install firmware there is a chance to permanantly damage my cdrw.

as u can see im a newb at this stuff but any help would be appreciated THNX!:slight_smile:

Check it out yourself: :smiley:

you can also check writers that are compatible with AWS here