Help~~~ QSuite "kill" my DVD+RW

My Verbatim DVD+RW can’t detect by windows anymore after me change the booktype at Media Status in QSuite! How can I “revive” my DVD+RW?
All the DVD-Burners Program/Tools give “No Media” message… help~ :bow:

Have your DVD+RW at the drive open the Nero CDSpeed and set the default function to DVD+RW instead of DVD-ROM and that is might do it.

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I’ve had similar in the past. When you set DVD+RW to DVD-ROM did you realise that drives still set to *DVD+RW may not see RW discs set to ROM. Have since recording did you return to setting DVD+RW or using a drive that is. For me setting a drive to DVD-ROM then formating, then setting to DVD+RW for future use was a remedy.

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Previous without disc, now with disc. Notice the 716 this recognises disc, but not that it’s DVD-ROM. This can lead to problems in the future particularly with Video. The disc I used was the same one for both drives & is Data.

Problem is the drive didn’t detect any media in drive even I’m put the disc in drive. =="

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I realise that & although my pics don’t quite demonstrate that. I still reccomend that you ensure drive is set to DVD-ROM before inserting disc (ideally the same drive that was used to do the recording) Hopefully the disc will then be recognised, if so format (full not quick) then set drive to DVD+RW not DVD-ROM to aviod future problems. If disc is still not recognised I think you may have to discard disc.

Ill admit it. I read this thread several times and it isn’t sinking in what U All are saying. I think it is the drugs. :confused: Maybe a little more understanding for the old guy, me :iagree: I think the concepts here would benefit many.

It give “Please insert a disk to drive:E” even I put the death-disc… :sad:

try re-flashing the drive to BSLB. :slight_smile:

Drive already is BSLB.

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eric93se realises this that’s why suggesting reflash. Sometimes to reflash the same f/w can sort out/improve things. Give it a try, after all what have you got to lose?

Reflash is no use too… = ="