HELP PX-W8432 problem

If I insert a cd, it takes a long time (up to 10s) 'till I have access to the drive.

Sometimes it goes like this:
you hear the drive searching (spinning), then comes a weird sound (heavy scratchy sound) and then it starts spinning again, then the sound, and so on.

It doesn’t matter what type of cd I use (cdr, original, audio, clean, dirty) always the same story.
Eventually, he always manages to read (sometimes after eject and re-insert), but you understand this is pretty fu**ing annoying (pardon me).

The drive acts totally normal when writing…

Does anyone know about this problem or had the same experience?

What kind of cdr do you use? Maybe a bad cdr?

Doesn’t matter what type I guess…

Acer, Philips, Smartbuy, TDK, Arinso, …
74 mins, 80 mins, …

No matter what type (even original audio cd’s)

how do you do that ?

open up the drive?
use some special cleaning-cd (with little dusters) ?


i’ll give it a shot…

If cleaning the laser doesn’t work and your drive is less than one year old you can get it repaired or replaced for free, check, look under Support or RMA requests. My drive’s eject button broke off and Plextor picked it up by courier and within two weeks I had a new drive, completely free of charge!

Too bad, my writer is almost 1,4 years old. And I guess they won’t “stretch” their warranty… (sob)

By the way, cleaning my lens didn’t help…

Too bad… well, you can always try emailing Plextor and there’s a (good) possibility that one of their techs has a solution for you, considering Plex’s excellent reputation in customer support.