Help - PX-716A burns/read CD Ok - DVD burn fail

Hi everyone,

I have a P4 3.2G system and everything was ok until recently. My PX-716A suddenly have issues:

CDs - Read/Write OK
DVD - Read Ok, Write FAIL (Error: Power Calibration Error)

Tried & Failed:
Reinstalling the DVD burner
Reinstalling Burning Tools (Nero, Roxio)
Changed DVD media (Used: Memorex, Verbatim, Sony)
Various speeds
Clean DVD with DVD-Cleaner CD and etc.

Is there anything I’ve missed? Everything was fine before and suddenly this problem. I just want to be absolutely sure that its the burner problem before I get it changed.

Any help is apprecaited! Thanks!!

I think this is a burner problem. The earlier models of the PX-716A have all this problem. You will find it here if you search in this section.

When was you burner made, and what TLA# does it have?

but since this burner is a really good device, you can try this:

At least you can only win. I’d not recommend Cleaner DVDs/CDs. They may damage the lens of the laser.

I had the same problem with 2 previous Plextor 716A units.
CD burning/writing would not be affected but dvd burning/reading didn’t work…
Reinstalled Nero, Image burn, plextor stuff, you name it.
here’s the fix for many units…

Shut down, Take the unit out but Don’t do any "remove hardware"
or stuff like that since you will be putting it back in, turning the PC back on and Windows will be non the wiser…

cut the “do not remove tab” on the side of the burner.
this voids 1st year warranty unless you want to send it back but this is what they do to most of them…

Open the Plextor up. 4 little screws I think…
in the center of the inside you will see a tiny glass lense.
this is the laser/lazer?
take a small cotton swab and just dampen it in regular Alcohol… DON’T SOAK IT…
Clean the lense in a circular motion,
don’t worry if you don’t see any dirt cause it’s there in some form be it cig smoke, dust or whatever…
put the unit back together and turn it on.

I have saved 2 Plextors this way…
same errors like power calibration error, cannot read disk etc…and it is usually a not so clean lense…