Help - PS2 Games


I have orginal PS2 games which I purchased. My friends need to borrow them, but I am scared that they will be damaged. Is it possible to copy these and if so how do i go about doing this.

Pls advice.


Very suspicious as you have just had thread closed and you suddenly change the wording.

Eitherway use the search function there are more than enough threads on backing up ps2 games to answer your question. By the way back ups don’t work without a mod chip.

Please use search, as suggested by JayC30.

so dose everybody else :iagree:

@sanjeth: I don’t want to be harsh on this, but with reference to your previous post content it’s probably best if you don’t continue to ask about PS2 games and how to copy them. You will have enough advice if you follow the first two members’ contributions.

I don’t expect to have to close another thread from you on the subject :cop:.