Help, program to make bin/cue images

We all know programs that can make .iso (mode1/2048) images.
There are plenty of them.

I’m searching for a program that can make mode1/2352 (bin/cue, cdrwin stuff) images. So far i haven’t found a program that can do this. And i mean, make a bin/cue image from a certain directory!

Is there a program out there that can do this. Is it possible to write such a program (because the error checking stuff is copied from the cd-rom (in a program case, it would have to generate this all by itself)) ?

Does anyone have any anwsers ?


Easy ISO Creator, contained in (522Kb or 557,056 bytes)

EASY ISO creator create a iso from files and folders. EASY ISO CREATOR run under windows 95 till XP

This program can only create mode1/2048 isos.
I was asking about direct creation of mode1/2352 isos.

doh, didnt see ‘from directory’

winiso maybe?

CDRWin of course

could you maybe tell some of us how to get CDRWIN to make bin/cue files?

at best it wants to make an .cdr image, but it’s failing to do even that for me.


ps I did do a search on using cdrwin to make cd images, but i’m getting to much garbage in the search and nothing that says anything, so if maybe you know of a thread that has the info, let me know, but I did do multi searchs.

hmm, should of just check back here, I went over to the CDRWIN forums oh their web site and found out the version 5 doesn’t support that.

So I ended up digging up versoin 3.9a, and figured out what’s up just like you shown above.

Weird part is, it doesn’t like the CDRW I burnt it to (got read errors, but the disk is fine?!?), but I used daemon tools to load up the cue sheet (because all the wav files were extracted from the bin file already and I want them back in the bin file), and am using cdrwin 3.9a to make the image.

I ran out of harddrive space, so I’m burning the 6 gigs of Doctor Who vids I’ve downloaded recently to backup cd’s (146 + of them right now).

Not to mention the other 60+ gigs of stuff I need to burn to cd.

anyways, thanks.


Did you even try that link you posted? Because of the 3 pages google found, non of the files were the size you said it needed to be. most were 18KB, but there was 1 or 2 that were 266KB.

Originally posted by FutureProof
[B]Easy ISO Creator, contained in (522Kb or 557,056 bytes)


Originally posted by Oz.
[B]I only know of one way of making a Bin/Cue file.

Make the .ISO as per usual with whatever program you want, say CDRWin.

When done, mount it in something like DAEMON Tools, and then open CDRWin and do an Image (Bin/Cue) of the ISO in DAEMON Tools,

I know the trick, im looking to create a bin/cue directly from a dir.
Not with a step in between (making an .iso first.)

you guys don;t get what i want :slight_smile:

i just want to create a mode1/2352 image from a dir. i dont want to burn it, or anything, just to create an image directly from a directory.

Originally posted by Oz.
[B]What do you want a bin file for anyway?

Waste an extra 13 % of your hard drive? :stuck_out_tongue: [/B]

Very good question and good point (even though a raw image is more like 19% larger). :wink:

I can well understand why you’d want a raw (bin) image of a complete cd but fail to understand why anyone would want a raw image of a single directory on a cd.

However, if someone really must have such an image on their hard drive, AFAIK it would be necessary first to build an iso image, then mount the iso image on a virtual drive and then use either cdrwin or blindread (or discdump though yould have to change the extension of the image file from iso to bin) to create a bin/cue image of the mounted iso image.

Of course, the reason why there isn’t any program capable of performing the task directly would appear to be that there simply isn’t any demand for such a function.

Originally posted by nider
Did you even try that link you posted? Because of the 3 pages google found, non of the files were the size you said it needed to be. most were 18KB, but there was 1 or 2 that were 266KB.
What’s wrong with this link? Which is the “English” button off this page, (when all the crap stops). But you say it’s no good? I suggest you PM Upp3rd0G who may be of help.

If you explain exactly why/what he will probably have a program name for you.