HELP! Probs playing game error saying not valid win 32 prog

undefinedundefinedHelp! I installed the sims hot date into my comp. when I go to run it, it says its not a valid win 32 prog. I also have deluxe edition. I get the error weather I have the deluxe edition on the comp or not. Can someone plssssss help me figure out why it wont play?? Or how to get around it? HELP PLS

You need Sims installed on your machine as this is just an update to the package.
Have you properly installed the update onto your computer, and how are you trying to run it.

ok. I have Sims Deluxe Edition installed on my comp. and my sims hot date is zipped. I unzip it and install it into sims expansoin pack folder, and it does fine…untill I go to play it. if I try to play sims hot date, it says not a valid win 32 prog. if I try to run sims deluxe edition, even if I installed hot date into my documents or what not, which I have tried, it comes up saying that there has been an expansion pack installed and it needs to configure or what not to run. when it does that, it pops up for me to uninstall deluxe edition. so I end up keeping going in a circle. Pls help. if u have any suggestions. I had to put the hot date into a zip file to play because my daughter got ahold of my installation disk and destroyed it. 2 yr olds, can tear up anything…

if you had the original disk like you said you did you would know that it’s an executable file. Buy the game and you won’t have any troubles