Help ..problems with dvd burning after installing xp home

I do hope that someone will be able to help me with this problem :confused:

I have just installed xp home for the first timeā€¦ nothing else has been changed on my computerā€¦and my hardware lists show my hard-drive an hitachi deskstar 167 gig. as scsi also my dvd-r and dvd-rw both lite-on as [B][B]scsi and cdā€™sā€¦there not and never have beenā€¦the problem is I cant write to the dvdā€™s with nero or clone dvd I keep getting error messagesā€¦I spent 40 minutes on the phone to microsoft and all they said is that itwas not a windows fault but a software problemā€¦being an oap I cannot afford these long expensive phone callsā€¦it wouldnt have been too bad if they had got a solutionā€¦ :sad:

I have installed all the discs I had in the computer before and for the last 18 months I have had no problems with these drivesā€¦until I installed xpā€¦have I wasted my money on this operating system and do I have to uninstal it to get my drives to work ok or whatā€¦I have never had this problem beforeā€¦what have I done wrongā€¦as anyone else had this problemā€¦ :doh:

If you installed XP Home over the top of your other operating system then you do/can get problemsā€¦it is always best to do a Backup of all programs you need then do a FORMAT & then a CLEAN Install. Try this firstā€”Right Click ā€œMy Computerā€ then click>Properties, then Hardware,then Device Manager. Look to see if any of your Drves has a Yellow Question Markā€¦Go n click on the +(plus)next to "DVD/CD Rom Drives, right click your DVD drive n chose UNINSTALL, do same for all other Rom n Writers you haveā€¦Then RESTART your PCā€¦that will normally put things back to normalā€¦If not Iā€™de do a clean installā€¦

I am sure that some kind member here who is more clude up will tell you in an easier wayā€¦
Take Care.

PSā€“If you donā€™t know anyone who will help you, Find out if any trusting Youngster liveing in your Road will do it for you, by Visiting your Lockal SCHOOL and asking the Head of schoolā€¦

I did a clean install of xp ā€¦and I have uninstalled the dvdā€™s and re booted and they still come up as scsiā€¦