Help problem with sony dru 530a

hi, i recently bought this drive cus i fancied copying a few movies. since ive installed the drive ive had absolutely no luck with the bundled software which is record1 now. ive also tryed dvd xcopy which i already had, nero, and dvd copy. Everytime i try and update the firmware i get a write buffer error about six times and then i think it says cant write to buffer and closes down. Can any 1 help me with this plz, and also recommend a decent program for copying dvds that i already own? thanks i can copy music fine thru windows media player and the new nero, but its the dvd`s i bought the drive 4

Hey pug29. I also have a Sony 530a. When I started to experience problems with my buffer memory, I went to sony’s website and downloaded the Firmware upgrade. Things worked fine for me after that about the memory buffer. It even speed up the burning process. Link to the Firmware is at the bottom of my Reply.

I alsto started to have problems when I installed Easy Cd Creater 5 Platnium edition. All heck broke loose after I installed it. Come to find out there is a glitch in the “5” edition that if you run XP then you have to uninstall it a certain way in safe mode. Here are two articles about it.


Firmware Upgrade:

If you need help or anything else, send me an email or you can reach me on AIM @ dragonfist87 or MSN Messenger

Hope this helps.

Hey pug29, forgot to mention. I am using:

Nero ver
Alcohol 120% ver 1.4.8
DVDXCopy ver 1.5.2

Athlon 2600+ barton
DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra A Motherboard
1Gb DDR 2100 Ram (2 512 sticks)
2 250gb, 1 120 gb 7200rpm 8mb cache Western Digital HD’s
9600XT 256MB Radeon Saphire Graphics Card
Sony 530a DVD±R Writer
Thermaltake Case

You mean making some secure backups of movies you already own…!