Help! Problem with Samsung SM-348B after upgrading the Firmware

I just bought a new Samsung DVD Combo SM-348B with Firmware T501/CHN. I’ve back up the original firmware with mtkflash & then replace it with X506. But then the computer can’t detected the DVD Combo nor open the door of it.I’ve tried to replace with the backup file but an error message "input file format mismatch. So what can I do? which firmware I should install?:bow:

I assume that you flashed and are now trying to flash again with sfdnwin, right?

You can try using mtkflashor MTK WinFlash to flash. sfdnwin is not a very reliable flasher.

I am not using sfdwin cos everytime when I used it to install the firmware to my DVD combo, an error message “Download Failed… restart windows…” so I tried to use mtkflash in dos mode to install the firmware… but right after it succeed and restart the windows, the DVD drive can’t be detected… Actually I know nothing about Firmware… could you tell me which version I should install? & does it matters which buyer it’s from? Also, I heard that once I updated the firmware, the warranty will be void… does that means I can’t go to repair it? Thanks!

This happend to me using the MTKFlash 1.62 on my SM-348B… I used the latest MTKWinFlash instead. My drive is back

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Just had the exact same problem. It turns out that I had to set my SM-348B to Secondary Master (I had set it to Primary Slave) before flashing it using MtkWinFlash
You should try it too.

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I used MtkWinFlash, but when I ran the programme I got an error message saying ‘flash not identified’ (or similar). The prog did complete though, and prompted me to restart my computer. The DVD is still region specific, however, so the flash obviously didn’t work. Anyone else encounter this?