Help! Problem With Nero

Hello everyone, I have just developed a strange problem in nero…its the latest update ( I think!..I have used various versions with win xp for a year now with no problems at all…but I have just changed my IBM hard drive to a Western Digital 80 gig and installed all my normal software…now nero insists on making all the entries in my compilations that I am going to burn upper case (capital letters), this is killing my encryted files that I transfer from the burnt discs to my hard drive…they wont open and the encryption program that made them in the first place doesnt even recognise them…ALL files dragged into the compilation become upper case and even changing the iso setting makes no difference. I have installed nero loads of times with no problems till now and I have even formatted and used the original nero disc that came with the burner with exactly the same results…I am at my wits end with this cos I need to unencrypt files to use them for presentations during next week…ANY HELP IS GRATEFULLY RECIEVED…THANKS!!!..DAVE