HELP! Problem with Nero 7 and audio CD's

I am experiencing the following problem with Nero 7 and my 3 burners (Samsung SW-252F, Plextor Premium, PIODATA DVD-RW DVR-108): when I try to burn an audio CD, at a certain point the read buffer goes to 0%, soon followed by the write buffer. Then about 5 minutes with the buffer to zero pass and the writing continues. The problem is, in the period the writer isn’t active (when the buffer is 0%) I get a L-C uncorrectable error.

The buffer doesn’t go to zero because of:

  • too much hard disk activity (no applications running except for nero)
  • antivirus software active (the AV is disabled)
  • reading the song that is being written

Can you help me ?? :frowning: :sad:

I had sort of the some problem, Nero 7 has so many bugs, I would down grade to nero 6.x.x.x.

I have downgraded to Nero Ultra and the problem has disappeared. However, when writing with my Plextor Premium (even at 4x) the CD still has lots of gaps in the audio tracks, and sometimes a reader fails to read some sectors and skips them. May this mean that my lovely burner is dying ? How can I do a sort of debug ? :frowning:

I had problems with Nero 6 and bought Nero 7 premium, Things weren’t quite allright, so I decided to buy a new burner (a Phillips featuring LightScribe) and now everything works perfectly: CD’s, DVD’s and direct burn labels.

How do you burn your audio CDs ? Do you use track at once or Disc at once mode ?

(I burn my audio CDs at 8x using disc at once) + smart burn enabled. Make sure both your hard drives and ROMS are running in DMA mode.