HELP! Problem with DVD recorder

Hi guys…
I have a Pioneer PRV-9200 dvd recorder and am having a major issue. I currently have 41 saved (and locked) titles. Each title is about 42 minutes long. They are all recorded in SP mode. The unit is telling me I have 45h 51m remaining of hard drive space. All of these are old video tapes of recorded TV shows. Because of the tracking problems that happen sometimes when recording to hard drive, I have had to set the frame accurate to OFF or else I am not able to do a high speed copy.

I have been working this puppy hard lately with no problems whatsoever… but here is what is happening now. I am trying to make a DVD of 2 of the titles (each 42 mins) in SP mode. When I try to load the last title to the copy list the machine just reboots and turns itself off and then back on again. I don’t understand why it is doing this with this specific title! I even went and deleted it and re-recorded from the original video thinking that maybe something weird happened with the original dub. Even with the newly re-copied title, it still is doing it!! It also freezes up and reboots when I try to lock this specific title!!! I haven’t tried recording another tape yet but have no idea why this 1 episode is giving me so much of a headache!! I would appreciate anybody’s help on this!! Thanks so much in advance!

I called and spoke to their technical support people. They seem to think that the hard drive may have a bad sector on it and that is causing the problems. So, has anyone changed out a hard drive on these units (or similiar ones) that can help me out with instructions.

Thanks much!

Could be a media problem?