Help! Problem with a Lite-On cdrw 24X10x40

Please I need some help with this, When i turn the PC on the drive light comes on and does not turn off. The drive locks up and is not detected in xp. Ive have the drive on the primary master and i have updated the firmware for it but i have the same problem. Also have set the jumper to primary.

The Computer detects the drive as a “@”

P3 800mhzs
256 MBs
Win XP

Got this pissing drive back today from the company i bought it from . They think there nothing wrong with it. There no technical support from liteon they don’t a give **** about people that have bought drives from them.

The only way i can get the drive to work is by turning the pc on and turn it off before it boots xp and then turn it back on, this is a pain in the *** everytime you turn the PC on.


Ive have the drive on the primary master and i have updated the firmware for it but i have the same problem. Also have set the jumper to primary.

If you have the drive on primary IDE, the jumper setting should be set for slave. Check the BIOS settings too and make sure there are no discs in the drive.

I thought that this was a problem with conflicting IDE devices.

I also thought that the boot device had to be set to primary master, so if the main HDD and the Lite-On are both Primary master you have found the problem. Follow Burnproof’s advice and you should be OK.

Thanks for the reply. Just tryed that still detects the drive as an “@”. Checked the bios setting there does not seem to be anything wrong with them.

Hi Orinoco

I have a dvd rom drive on the same ide cable. I have even tryed not have any drives or hdd drives connected up and just the liteon on it’s own.

Still have the same problem. Still need help please.


Ahh, well I’m fast running out of ideas here. XP is not something I know heaps about, but my first thought is still an IDE clash.

Are you sure that the main HDD is Primary Master , the Lite-On Primary Slave? Check the HDD and make sure it is not set to Primary CSEL.

Can you move the Lite-On to Secondary IDE bus temporarily? Check any other devices on that bus and make sure that they are set to master and the Lite-On is slave and try again.

If that is not it then I’m stumped - sorry

Does the BIOS detect the drive? If “Auto” mode does not list the drive correctly, try “manual” mode.

Can you fill in the following info?

Primary IDE


Motherboard manufacturer:

Any other add on cards?

BTW, uninstall any additional storage drivers like the Intel ATA and so on

Hang on, if the DVD is also on the same cable are you sure that it is the primary IDE cable we’re talking about?

I would suggest you start with the HDD on the primary cable and the Lite-On on the other. Set both drives to Master with the jumpers and not CSEL. Boot the machine and see if this works.

If Yes, then set the DVD as slave and attach to either cable and try again. Which cable is best is a matter for debate, you can chose either, my personal preference is to have it on the same cable as the Lite-On, but if you do this copying ‘on-the-fly’ may be problematic.

If No, then I’m stumped and would look to confirming XP is not causing problems. Unfortunately you’d have to ask an XP expert on that one.

Hi Burnproof

Does the BIOS detect the drive? If “Auto” mode does not list the drive correctly, try “manual” mode.

The bios detects as a “@”, when i go into the bios to detect the drive it comes up with nothing. I have changed it to manual.
I can’t do anymore at the moment becuase the drive has stopped locking up. The bios still detects it as a @.

I have to leave the pc off for a few hours before i can find out if the drive locks up again when i first turn the pc on. I don’t think the problem is with xp, it’s when i turn the pc on.

Thanks for all this help. Any other suggestion would be greatful.

Primary IDE
Master: fujtsu hard drive
Slave: liteon cdrw

Master: hitachi dvd rom drive
Slave: maxtor hard drive

Motherboard manufacturer:
How can i find what type of motherborad i have? All i know it’a a Pentuim 3 800mhzs

Any other add on cards? No other add on cards

  1. Install your CDRW in another machine and see if the BIOS detects it correctly.

  2. If it does, check if the IDE cable of your original machine is OK.

  3. If the answer to [1] is NO, you either have a drive gone bad or a drive without any firmware (Did you try flashing it, BTW?). Try using mtkflash to reflash the drive with a suitable firmware.

Hi burnproof

Lucky i have my mate pc round out the moment. Just tryed the drive in it. Its had no problems detecting the drive and i have checked the cable. It still does not detect the drive correctly on my PC.

What could i do next??

Thanks for the help.

I don’t know what could actually be wrong. Without laying hands on your machine, it’s tough.

Try this though:

Shut down your machine. Switch off power to the box and open your system.

Remove the CMOS battery on the motherboard (about the size of a dime). Wait for a couple of minutes and then put the battery back in. This step basically clears the BIOS and reverts to the original bios that comes with the mobo (in case the BIOS has been updated since you bought the mobo).

Please note, on Dell machines, the above may not be sufficient to revert to the earlier BIOS. Depending on your motherboard manufacturer, you may also have to short some jumpers on the mobo before powering up etc. Check your mobo manual for the proper procedure.

After you are done, power up and enter BIOS. Press F9 to reset all options to “Factory Defaults”. (This is the procedure for Intel boards. It might vary for other manufacturers).

Reboot and get into BIOS again. See if the drive is recognised correctly again. Play with the BIOS settings if necessary.

If you have any antivirus program, check for boot sector virus.

I don’t have any virus and resetting the bios did not help.

What about if i updated the bios. Would this help??

Nothing to be lost by trying. :smiley:

have you tried to put the secondary slave(maxtor hdd) to secondary master
and put the dvd rom to secondary slave .
it could also be seeing the 2 hdd and expecting them to be on the same ide channel and when it sees the lite on as the primary slave it could be saying that it s not a hdd so i dont know what it is and not detecting it