Help! problem with 32123s!


I recnetly bought a Lite-On 32123s, and, when i try to copy MOHAA with cloneCD 4:

read settings:

-fast error skip:
-error correction: none

but when it starts reading, inform says that my lite-on doesn´t support the actual fast error skip configuration, and changes it automatically to : error correction->hardware.

Anyone can say me why does it happens?

I have a DVD pioneer 105 (slot in), and with the same settings, it reads MOHAA without a problem.

My Liteon: 32123s firm: XS0R

You picked software error correction, which is not supported when using most drives (including Lite-On). Because of this it was automatically switched to hardware error correction (used by most drives) automatically.

Nothing to worry about.

And you would have found the answer pretty quick if you had searched the forum since it have been answered loads of times already.

No, i didn´t pick software error correction, i picked none error correction for sure.
And the problem is still there

Ok, the error has been solved when i selected “Don´t inform read errors”. Thanx