Help......pretty please!

Can anyone tell me if my Gameshark will serve as a “game enhancer or game cracker” to be able to play backups of PSX games? If not, any leads on a site to purchase one? I do not know how to solder so a “mod chip” will not work for me… Thanks for any help you can give me…
Also, I have a Phillips 4 X 4 X 32 cdr… I have CD Clone and Nero software… any advice about which will work better to backup PSX games? Thanks again for any help!!!

Can´t help with the gameshark question but you will not be able to play PSX backups without a Mod Chip but Clone would be the choice for backing them up…

you can get a “stealth” modchip from somewhere being stealth just means that it plugs into the back port of your PSX, like where the gameshark goes.

as for using your gameshark as a modchip, it just isn’t possible. the gameshark was made to cheat, not to play backups.

in terms of software, a lot of people have reported sucess when using clonecd. i still use the original PSX backup prog - CDRWin, mainly because it works, and also because i’ve been using it for 3 years now.

however, nero is also a good prog for backing up most non-protected discs, and i also use that for my other stuff.