HELP! Power Supply burned out, Please!

Hello all,

Im a new pc builder and have just ran into an enormous problem. First let me tell you my specs, everything is brand new, except for the power supply and optical drives:

ANTEC TruePower 480W
AMD Athlon 64 3200
WD Raptor 74GB SATA
Maxtor MaxLine III 250 GB SATA
ATI Radeon X700 PCI-express 256MB
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Pioneer DVD-107D burner
Creative 52x CD drive
Floppy Drive
3x Corsair 512MB DDR-DIMM ValueSelect
Couple fans

I built this pc, reading all directions really carefully, took me 3-4 hours, cuz I wanted to make sure everything was correct. I double checked everything. I plug all the correct wires etc…

So now I come to turning on the pc. I first turned on the power supply… I saw a light turn on in my case, i believe that was my motherboard, so thats good. I would like to stress that the computer was NOT IN USE, this was the first time I turned it on. So now to turn on the pc, i pressed the ON button…

DAMN, I heard a pop and saw a flash, and the pc did not turn on. A real bad odor came out of the power supply. So Im assuming the power supply burned out…But PLEASE, for I cannot afford another computer, tell me that hopefully the other pieces of hardware are fine…Again, the computer was NOT IN USE, this was the first turn on…

Please, your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I’m not an expert on building pc’s, but with my limited understanding of electronics, it sounds like you have a short somewhere. You should be able to check with an ohm meter for that. Antec’s are top of the line power supplies.

Just realized this, my room has no electricity, certain sockets, lights dont work, tv dont work…hmmmm

cheap psu’s can burn other componets but you got a good branded one so i doubt other componets got burned aswell,im surprised it got burned at all it should run that pc just fine ,did you moved the power rocker switch? thats a very good reason for it to burn,anyway if i were you i would either rma it or buy a new one, i recommend ocz powersteream 470w/520w bit on the expensive side but excellent quality and very silent

edit : regarding the no electricity just unplug the psu off the wall socket and turn up the switch in the electricty cabinet,psu blowout probably caused a short

edit2: also its possible the motherboard is defective,some defective motherboards can burn every psu you connect to em

as far as the components, you are saying they are probably fine since the psu manufacturer is well know…Anything I could check to make sure? Or do you think there is some miswiring between the components and psu that caused this to happen.

well if you have another pc you can check ram/hdds/sound card/optical drives/graphic card on it (ram & hdds & graphic card of course only possible if the motherboard of the other pc have sata or sata pci card and is ddr ram compatible and have pci-e slot),and if you dont have another one then the only other way i can think of is the smell pcb real stinky when its burned down,ive never heard about a case of miswiring & psu blowout

regarding motherboard defectivness, that would suck…
How could I check for that?

Hopefully my components are perfectly fine :slight_smile:


Also the main power going to my motherboard from the psu is a 20-pin connector, whereas the motherboard has 24-pins…is that the problem.

unfortunatly there is no way to check it besides tryin another psu but its not very common so dont worry too much,regarding the 24 pin issue have a look at

“Also the main power going to my motherboard from the psu is a 20-pin connector, whereas the motherboard has 24-pins…is that the problem.”

That can be a problem, you need an adaptor for your power supply. The fact that it has a 24pin connector means it draws heavily on the power. I don;t know but it may have suffered damage because it was meant for 24-pin or in other circumstances would not start up.

(Since some lights etc not working … check ur fuse LOL ;))

24 pin psu isnt a musthave,24 pin motherboards still have a 4 pin atx12v connector so connecting 20 pin to 24 pin motherboard psu socket is very possible,infact some ppl had much success with it as you can see in the link in my previous reply

I’d say RMA the PSU. Hopefully, it took a hit for the team and laid down its capacitors for the greater good. If power is as bad as you descibe, you might need to consider an UPS for line conditioning. Even the best manufacturer will put out the occasional dud, but my Antec 480 is running like a champ. I wouldn’t just give up on the brand.

I’d still check around the primary PSU connector to the MoBo to make sure there is no damage. Also check the capacitors, see if anything is popped.

That is a very good psu - assuming that you live in North America is you power supply set at 110 volt?? Not sure if having it set to 220 could cause that problem but it might be something to check out.

The cases I’ve heard where people thought “hmmm, what does this toggle on the back of my PSU do” were pretty spectacular. If you did that, it’s probably time to put it out on the curb on trash day. I even remember this one thread this guy was trying to tell people it’s a way to double the speed of your computer. Sometimes I really hate the anonimity of the net. I don’t think anyone believed him, or if they did they didn’t post back on threads like “my computer just blew up”. If you see some burn marks around the PSU connector, you should look at the toggle.