Help Plztwo Audio Streams Ogm

ok i downloaded a movie it has two audios build in it japanese an spanish i want only one audio stream how do i do it this is an ogm movie.file…i need help plz!?

so when i burn the movie a get only the spanish audio :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Grios,

You can try the following and see how it goes:
1.Download the Ogg Splitter, Cole2k Codecs and read the documentation on how to go about the process of selecting a particular stream.
2. If you were wondering .ogm is a Multimedia file in the Ogg Vorbiss compression format.
3. VLC is known to be better with these files than other players. Also Mplayer for Windows is pretty good.

Hope this helps.

i cant seem to find any right software to do it…any suggestions so ican ?

i tried a couple of software but when i convert i get only the jap audio please someone help me it would be greatly appreciated :confused: