Help plz

I am having some difficulties with my Lite-On 12x10x32x (12101B).
These difficulties only came about after I upgraded my motherboard and CPU

My new system details are:

MB: Gigabyte GA-7DX+
O/S: Windows XP


*My burner takes forever to read CD’s.

*no longer can burn a CD.

*The green light comes on when reading a CD.But the red light which should come on during a burn never does so.

*Nero and EZCD report a fixation error!!! Bios and Windows detects the Burner correctly. I am using the Windows XP drivers as recommended on the Lite-On website.

Attempts to solve problem:

I have tried the following,

  • Different cables / master - slave combinations
  • Installed Win ME (still same problem)
  • Installed XP burning update
  • Latest ASPI drivers
  • VIA 4 in 1 drivers
  • updated burner firmware
  • updated bios for motherboard


Finally I used my old system (CPU:Celeron 466, Jetway MB) and the burner magically works with no problems.

Maybe it’s time for a new burner… I just bought a new LiteOn 40125S and so far I love it…

Just a thought

You have not overclocked your CPU and then ended up with overclocked PCI bus?

That may also cause such problems.