Help Plz


I have a problem with my dvd drive.
I just connected a new dvd drive to my computer as my old one had died :frowning: but when I put a cd in doesnt work.

In device manager it says " Windows cannot load the device manager for this hardware because a previous instance of teh driver is still in memory (Code 38)

Previously I had a similar type problem which was sorted under this thread…

Im a big noob with all things hardware and have a daughter who is desperately wanting to play Sims.

All help will be greatly appreciated. ty.:doh::sad:

The Windows error code site didn’t have much help. It only said to restart the computer. Have you tried that?

Next step would be to uninstall the drive via Device Manager and let it reinstall after rebooting. Doubtful that will actually help but it is something to try.

Is the new drive correctly jumpered according to the sticker on top of the drive and the used connector/cable?
Is it properly recognized in the BIOS?