Help Plz

Help Plz

i have a fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2045 whit a nec 6650

my problem is i have delletet my firmware and now i dont know what firmware i need?..

plz help me …

best regards jASPdk…

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum jASPdk. :iagree: :clap:
Take a look [B]here[/B]:

i have tryed some of them but it dont work so good… can you tell me wich one i need for fujitsu siemens v2045? plz…

Hi :slight_smile:
Try either of these (the inner red box shows original f/w that would have been on drive in the first place).

Be careful though. Choosing wrong one will render your drive paperweight.

1.xx, 2.xx represents firmware for master alt. slave drives. Consult your device manager.

well thats maybee the problem, i have tried both now and every time i burn a dvd now my buffer jump from 0.100 and after 2 min my dvd burner stop whit a fail.

have i destroyed it now?

well i can see that the firmware program for 4 windows tell me that i cant update whit a wrog version so i dont think i have do that

This can only happen when you’re using a very old Binflash version or if you manually mess with the firmware file.

And which firmware is now on the drive and which one was originally on it?