Help plz

hi i am using dvd fab express the latest version and for some reason when i try to back up a film i have tryed 2 films it gets to then end just before it begins to burn to media and says failed twhen writing dvd 5 please help

Hi meanman and welcome… :slight_smile: .

First off, please don’t double post. You’ll get some responses in one thread and others, on other thread(s), it’s confusing, difficult to follow and can be very annoying for members trying to help, for you too.

“Error 5” means that the files are too big. Are you certain that you don’t have DL burning enabled (check under settings)? Also, be certain that the target folder is completely empty…sometimes files are left behind; it’s probably a good idea, for now anyway, to check “delete temporary files after copying”.

i have checked all the settings they are fine i have tryed other media but it still keeps happening

Maybe some background and specifics… :iagree:
Have you used express successfully in the past?
What movie(s) are you trying to bkup?
What is the file size?
Are you able to play them from your hard drive?
Etc., etc…

yes i have used it lots of times after the movie has been ripped into the temp folder its 4.38 gb the film is goal the other film is how to lose a guy in 10 days dont know how to play from hdd

Try setting the target size to 4200MB and try the rip once more.

Sorry, I forgot to add…whatever player software you have loaded, eg., nero showtime, powerdvd, etc., should work just fine…just open the player and navigate to the file… :wink:

hi i have tryed everything to backup these two films goal and how to lose a guy in 10 days it still says failed when writing dvd 5
so i thought i would try one of my other films so i tryed xmen and that worked fine do you think then that the two other films have something on them to throw up this error so you cant back them up