Help plz

i have the football manager mds file and i dont know what to do with it in alcohol 2 get it 2 work. can any1 instruct me in what i need 2 do plz 2 make a working game out of it? help is much appreciated thanks

Does your original cd/dvd work?

:sad: no it aint thats why i need to do this.

i have also tried 2 take it back 2 gamestation but they wont refund me or peplace the disk so this is my only way out

If your original doesn’t work for whatever reason, there’s no way that a copy will do so.

However, if your original doesn’t work, it’s possible that it’s because of some blacklisting issue that can be cured.

Scan your original disc (and also the installation directory) with A-Ray Scanner and let us know the copy protection used. Please also let us know what copying programs and particularly what virtual drive programs you have on your system.

ok i have nero , clonecd and alcohol 120%

i know its protected by safedisc 4 but when i dowload it says i have no admin rights or i dont have win9x or something like that so i cant use that i dont think.

and i dont understand what virtual drive programs are, sorry. so can you help me further plz? thanks i apreciate anybodys help. :clap: