Help plz...with Kerio and network plz

i’ve been use’n sygate firewall for a long time but i suddenly got some problem with teefer.sys bla bla bla…anyways

i’m installed kerio 4.2.3 and no matter what i do i can’t get my other computer connected to this one…for internet share’n…the one with kerio is the main one

someone help me plz…thanks

I think you have to look at the advanced settings in Network Security and enable gateway mode.

i’ve already done that man…thats why i’m lost

someone help plz

I’ve run Kerio for 3 years, but have network / Internet share managed via a router. I take it you are using ICS, sharing Internet through your computer with other attach computers within your network.
The following are options / view I have when running via router. Do not know how interchangeable they are when interfacing with ICS …
Network / Applications Tab … Enable Network Security Module is “Ticked”.
Network / Trusted Area Tab … “Address / Dialup number Header column”
Using the “Add” feature, try adding the address of all other computers in your network.
PLEASE understand, this is only a suggestion … Like I said my configuration is via a router. Above suggestions may / may not work.

SOME OF THESE OPTIONS / CHANGES may require a rebooting host and networked computers.

i tried all that bro didn’t work…the funny thing is when i turn my other computer on i see in my system tray…pop up let’n me know the network is connected but i can’t use internet on the other computer

o man now i need some serious help…i uninstalled kerio to get my internet back on the other computer and guess what i see…i see a new network connection called internet gateway…(plus the old network connection)

when i installed kerio agian it disapered…the problem is now i have no internet on my other computer and i can’t erase/disable the gateway…says i don’t have permission to erase it

how do i erase the gateway

someone help me plz…this is drive’n me crazy