Help plz W/ Record Now

Well, Hi. I’m asking for help with a program realeased by sonic called record now. I archived some data off of my computer however i am unable to view it yet the space is taken up on the disk . I wonder if any one can explain why this is happening? It seems that the the data is encrypted .
Thank you Very Much.
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-Thanos Deathsinger

The only thing I can think of, is that Record Now comes with a program called InCd.
If this CD was accidentally formatted with InCd, but was a CD-R, it would let you delete the files so that it looked like they were gone, but because it was a CD-r and not an RW it couldn’t actually delete the file, so it stayed on the disc taking up space.
Though that’s kind of a stretch, it’s the only thing that I can think of.

Unless, you can see the file when you open the disc.
In that case I am out of ideas.

I have RecordNow and it does not come with INCD, INCD is a Nero program BUT RecordNow does come with a program called DLA and in order to view or gain access to the data that RecordNow writes/Burns DLA as to be on that computer

You’re right StormJumper

Sorry about that.

Got my packages mixed up, but anyway DLA does the same thing as InCd, just with a different name.