Help PLZ to choose a DVD burner&ROM


I would like to buy a new DVD burner and a DVD rom.
Can someone help me to choose a good one?

I would need a:

DVD burner:
Write DVD R DL, DVD R, CD R discs with the HIGHEST QUALITY.
Everything elese does not matter.

THANK YOU for your suggestions, tips.

Have you read any of the reviews, or done any of your own comparisons? You could try looking at and their reviews as they compare the drive they are reviewing to recent drives that they are competing with example;

If i was going to reccomend a DL writer I’d go for the pioneer dvr-111 just because it can write mkm 001 DL media in about 17 minutes, and at quality better than the BenQ 1655/50. Some people have managed to get good results with DL media and the 1655 but not as many as those who have just got coasters from trying to burn MKM 001 at 8x. If you want to burn Verbatime 2.4x media (mkm 001) at 8x then the BenQ 1655/50 is NOT the one to get as you have to speed patch it, which out of 10 people seems to only have produced good results for about 4.

Heres an example of a burn I got with my dvr-111 in an external enclosure with a prolific 3507 chipset connected over USB.

One thing you should know that you will NOT find a drive that is EXCELLENT at everything. That is why there are so many threads like yours asking people to just randomly reccomend a dvd writer/dvd rom etc. You can’t have the best of everything. E.g the pioneer can not rip Sony’s Key2Audio protected cd’s, the BenQ can, the pioneer can write DVD-RAM, the BenQ is a reliable scanner for DL media, the pioneer is not.

Of course, others can reccomend other drives, I can only talk about drives I own, the 1650 and dvr-111.

I would suggest that you get 2 burners , they are very cheap these days.
I’ve had Pioneer 110 for sometime now and I decided that I should get a ROM with it , then I said : hell , burners have a very close prices to ROM drives , so I got myself a Sony 810A , I crossflashed it to Benq 1640 which is a great burner , I will replace my 110 with a 111 soon .
A word for you : get yourself a 111 and Benq 1640/165x , you will have the best of both worlds .

Hey guys. I was wondering if any drives exist that has DVD-RAM [I]AND[/I] Mt. Rainier reading/writing capabilities on it.
I heard NEC or Pioneer was good…
any suggestions?

I don’t know about NEC , but Pioneer drives do [B]not[/B] support Mt.Rainier

I was originally thinking of [U]LG gsa H20L[/U] for the burner.
But i read it is an upgrade of LG GSA 4166B, and that drive had a very bad quality of burning and it couldnt close properly DVD+R discs. It was a review in PC revue mag.
It writes DVD DL, cd/dvd r,DVD RAM, it has light scribe.

I cant find on the net a good review for this(LG H20L) drive-burning quality.

For the reader i was thinking of Samsung 616 Q.
I saw a review, that said its good for reading scratched discs.

What do you think?
Any links for the LG GSA H20L burning quality test

I can not think of a single burner that does. Perhaps someone can enlighten us?

No Mt.Rainer in NEC drive’s.