HELP plz...NEC ND 4551A


Help! Recently something strange happened with my NEC ND 4551A drive and I don’t know the reason. Everything went fine for a month but suddenly without any reason I’ve got this problem. When I insert a recorded DVD-R in my NEC ND 4551A drive it isn’t recognised as a DVD-R and the windows autorun detects it as a blank CD/DVD, the file system reads RAW. I’m able to play the movies only with nero showtime or cyberlink power DVD. I’ve reinstalled WinXP, flashed the drive but the problems remain. Windows media player 10 also can’t playback the DVD-Rs.I use audigy2 soundblaster and the audigy player for DVD audios also has the same problems and doesn’t detect the drive, so I can’t playback audio DVDs too. The drive is not region locked. I’m able to burn DVD-Rs also. NEW: After I installed again WinXP the drive seemed to work fine untill my WinXP SP2 wasn’t updated…So i believe the problem is somewhere in the updated files…Can anyone help me solve the problem?

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Your post wasn’t deleted, but you posted it in the wrong forum and crossposted it several times.
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Disable crap autoplay as a start!

sorry- I’m new to the forum- that’s why I posted it elswhere ,and then i Was directed here to post my issue. Won’t happen again.

Will disableing the autorun in windows help to determine that the DVD is recorded , not blank?

Just as I thought-disabling autorun didn’t help at all. DVD-Rs are still shown as if they-re blank- can’t see nor audio_ts nor video_ts folders and it’s shown as CS in windows explorer with RAW file system…

This is an software/driver/filters issue, nothing with the hardware most likely.

Uninstall all IDE drivers properly in Devicemanager, then restart.
Uninstall softwares like Alcohol, InCD, Virtual Drives etc.
Click on the HOW TO link in my sig…

Nothing-everything’s the same
Here’s what I did:
I read the “how to …” in chef signature and deleted the registry - lower and upper filters as it says.

uninstalled the drivers - primary IDE, secondary IDE /my HDD is SATA, so it’s not conected to one of them/, Intel 82801DB ULTRA ATA Controler and OHCI Compilant IEEE 1394 Host Controler.

Then I uninstalled Nero /I didn’t have any other CD-R soft installed/, deleted the folder Nero in c:\program files, and then I restarted the PC.

everything was detected and installed again by Win XP automatically. The problem remains…

sometimes the drive appears during some instalations of programs, tried changing ATA drivers but did’t help.Installed also ASPI drivers, but that didn’t help eighter. My dvd player also reads these disks. Windows Explorer detects them as blank with RAW file system. Another strange thing is that when I record DVD-Rs before ejecting the disk windows explorer detetcts the disc properly , but after exiting Nero burning rom windows explorer detects the discs again as blank… I haven’t installed any other CD-recording programs or virtual drives. reinstalled windows XP and after that i installed only NERO 7

“only Nero 7”

What parts of it??

Have you disabled the imapi burn engine in system services??

I use nero ultra, labelflash enabled.
I don’t remember if i tried with disabled IMAPI but I think i’ve tried that too. will try agan for shure and then will write what happened. BIG 10X chef for the patience and your will for helping me.

yess- I’ve tried that to - it was set to disable- no change in any way

Any other ideas ot questions ?
basicaly everything works-recording, labeling and watching through Nero player , but it’s quite annoying this way…

Ultra and labelflash??

Anyway, are m$ ide driver installed or others?
And what burning related tools are installed?

sorry - it’s not ultra- it’s premium /I mean NERO/
The drivers are the standard MS drivers.-both for ide and cd/dvd.
I thought intel aplication accelerator might be the reason, uninstalled it but it didn’t help eighter…

Something new:
So far I recored only DVD-R CDs, but yesterday I bought 50 DVD+R and everything is OK with them. While I was regording with nero i noticed that nero changes the booktype to DVD-ROM before starting recording them. So - it seems that the problem is only with DVD-Rs. Maybe the problem is with the booktype-when the drive is empty it’s detected as DVD-RAM. If I knew how to change the booktype for DVD-R to be read as DVD-ROMs I wouldn’t have that problem… Tell me- would that help? I want to test this but I don’t know how to change the booktype for DVD-Rs.

I doubt it’s a problem with DVD-R in general, but cheap DVD-R…

At least I’ve not such problems here.

I used Verbatim 8x DVD-Rs /tried some cheap too- sky,traxdata, princo,but they’ve got the same problem/. 2 days ago I bought 50 Verbatim x16 DVD+Rs and they work fine…

I have exactly the same problem with 4570A. But this is only under Windows XP. Did you ever tried under Windows 98/Me or Linux?

No idea besides that some drivers wreck up this and producing the issues…

I have exactly the same problem with 4551A. Can’t read dvd-r under WINXP !
Firmware 1-07.
Any solutions so far?