Help Plz ..i Got A Benq Dw1610



I got a benq DW1610, and just today i got the 16XDVD+R and I try to burn a ISO DVD, but don’t know why it burn really slow it takes over 12min to finish a disk even it says it runs at 16X.

Therefore I thought it’s firmware problem, so I went to to do the firmware update. p.s. the firmware i updated is B8K9. BUT now it gets worse, my DVD writer now can’t open the disk it write itself, but it still can burn. I try to put the disk to normal DVDrom it can be opened.

PLEASE help me out with my both problem.

THank you for your time and patience.


by the way i use Nero 6.3 to do all the operation.


Download and flash the latest firmware B8T9 will most help you.


Yes make sure you have no media in yuor drive when you flash. Go to Device manager and check your IDE and make sure it’s DMA word 2. You should be using an ultra cable. Download latest cd-dvd speed and do a burst test should be 23mb/sec, but first worry about your bad flash. If the above flasher flash doesn’t work try a windflash and cvt firmware on this page.


upgrade your version of nero…


THx…after i do the B8T9 firmware update… the problem is gone…THank YOu very much…