Help plz-->DVD+R is not recognized after succefully burn

I have burned some DVD+R in standard mode ( data cd, no multisession ) and after eject-load tray the DVD is not recognized ( may be TOC ? ). But if i trying read DVD with ISO-Buster or use Nero for information about media - i can see 2 track, one is Data-track and second is ~10 MB,probably Leadout. In this case ( if 2 track are visible ) DVD is not recognized. Sometime after many times eject-load DVD is recognized properly and 2nd track is gone ( what is good of course ). I did a scans - everyting is ok, it’s not a bad media definitelly. I have noticed, that after reboot with Media in drive - DVD is recognized properly. This problem never happens with DVD+RWs. DVD-Rs not tried yet.

Anyone knows a solution for this ?

Sorry for poor english.

Sorry - forget about drive: nec 2500 fw. 1.06 stock. Nero - ( who matter ? )

my guess is crappy media . what is the media code of those dvd+r ? nec2500a hates cheep’o’dvds . try with diffeent media and report back .

I’ve thinked so too. I have only two different media now:

  1. ProStore --> MBIPG101R03 ( I know Moser Baer should be crap, but i think it not this case ).
  2. Philips --> CMC MAG F01. Seems to be this have a bit better ‘recognizity’, but TOC still is not always readable.

Just checked out - reboot with Media in drive didn’t help :(. It’s simply happens.

upgrade to 1.07 firmware is not helped.
Hmm - data format is ISO+Joliet - is it critical ?

Ive got that too sometimes, windowsXP bug i think, try disabling autorun and stuff like that.
Did you try the DVD in other drives / PC / DVD players ?

I have no other DVD reader. I’ve noticed that some directories have alot files inside. (1513 files the biggest ). Okay, i’ll try burn same compilation on DVD+RW media. Strange - if i try acces drive i’ve got by Windows Explorer the message ‘invalid function’. But ISO-Buster read’s TOC and allows me extract everything w/o prob. How i said before - if media is recognized - the scans ( Nero tools ) are great. WEIRD!

I burned same compilation on DVD+RW --> zero problems. Probably drive have problems with lead-out on DVD+R Medias. I’ve noticed, that while closing/finalizing of DVD+R Media the process has always interrupted shortly at least 2 times, where on DVD+RW it’s not happens. Anyway count of files have no relations to problem. May be is something wrong with power of laser at the end of session…