HELP PLZ. copy cd protected by softlock

i have a software cd

i think it’s protected by softlock

becuse the cd have 2 files

SOFTLOCKC.dat size 100 m.b
SOFTLOCKI.dat size 1 k

you can copy all cd with out the first file SOFTLOCKC.dat

plz help me, what i can do with this cd, and what the tools i can use it?

very thank for all

sorry about my bad language

I’ve seen their demo CD before . The CD Content should be read as RAW (2352) , with Ignoring Error , but the Bad Sector Scanner Range must be low ( About 7 Sector on Each Forward Jumps ) . The Reading Proccess will be a time wasting operation , But the Image will work on Virtual Drives after Building a correct image .
I Suggest you trying CloneCD or Alcohol on the SoftLock Protected CDs.


thanks my dear persiankitty

and I’m already trying with alcohol and clonecd and blindwrite but the cd doesn’t work after about 10 hours working with blindwrite ,

Do you have any another program or profile I can use it with alcohol or clonecd

thanks for u

Hello ,
Unfortunately There I had just one try on a Demo CD Past year. Can not help more .

Good Lock

thanks 4 u

I’ve released a tool here, please try .
-> About 7 Sector on Each Forward Jumps