HELP PLZ , AVI to DVD or MPEG-2 to DVD for my HITACHI standalone DVD player?



PLEASE HELP , before I go broke wasting DVD’s.

   Alright, Ihave been trying to burn my AVI movie files to DVD movie and so far nothing except pulling out my hair. I have Roxio Creator 09 Special Edition  I've tried to onvert  the avi's using COPY AND CONVERT it converted them and i got one disk out of it but it was jumpy, Also tried not converting them at first using (MY DVD), of course that didn't work.  Now I have them all converted to MPEG-2 using (SYNC-IT). Problem is I have been reading and trying for so long to get it right that iI am kinda confussed and aggravated.  I am almost ready to throw the $80 BOX of junk called Roxio in the garbage..  Can some one this time plz answer me with a step by step tutorial type and not put all the sites up for me to buy telling me i need AVS and CUCOSOFT < I would be very thankful :D


DVD Flick

It’s free, easy to use and has a guide on the website.