Help Pls!



n e 1 here can help me??

i ve been tryin to copy a dvd i burnt be4 wif dvd x rescue from 321 studio but for some reason when i put the dvd in, it wont show n e fing…


I need help too…

…in understanding your post :wink:

please use a speech that is understandable for everyone, so will find the solution for your problem much faster :wink:


H3rB3i with all the titles you have you must be somebody important. :bigsmile:


sry about hard to understand…

ok, i m tryin to burn a dvd that was copied from DVDxRescue(the 1 made from 321 Studio).

But when i put the dvd in the dvd rom, it doesnt show up anything at all as its like there no disc in it, and i m sure its not the the dvd-rom problem what so ever because i tried it on my laptop and my brother’s computer as well, it just wont show up .causing me not able to make a copy? is there any way to solve the problem??

thank you


My guess is that the backup is on poor media and it has disintegrated to the point where a drive can’t read it anymore. But copying a copy is never as good as copying the original anyway … so just re-backup your original again.

H3rB3i and samlar were teasing you above because the communication method you used was in the “fast” language used by people who talk to each other on a “real-time” “chat room” type of site and not generally what members on a support forum is used to. :wink:



i dont think its the media problem because i hasnt been scrath or anything also i use TDK dvd so the media should be fine.

and i wish i could copy the original cd but the disc is split into half, also i heard that coping a backup copy burnt from 321 studio is hard because the software add something to it so that it only reads on dvd player and not dvd rom…