Help! Plextor PX-755a came without plextools

Hi there, I have a huge problem

My Plextor PX-755a came without software (bulk)
I wanted to burn some things for testing purposes with some cheapass
DVD+Rs. Thanks to AutoStrategy 20 minutes passed by while nero was only at

On the Plextools Homepage there is absolutely no free version of plextools
I guess I need them to disable this feature for my ultra cheap DVD+Rs

What can I do?


Welcome to cdfreaks.

Call Plextor and ask for it. I’m not sure about retail vs bulk, but you should be able to get one since the drive is advertised with Plextools features and capabilities. Let us know.

This has happened to several people who ordered their drive on . At least those who told me got a plextools cd from plextor. Just ask plextor

Also got a PX755 bulk version without Plextools, Lucky me I got Plextools pro with my PX708.