HELP plextools is weird

mhh sometimes when I start plextools my cd read velocity is 16 to 24speed even though I didnt change the settings?
any ideal?

also when I copy cdr to my hd sometimes it takes 2 minutes and sometimes the cd starts really really slow and it says 20 minutes to go then after 1 minute it speeds up and finsihed normal or slows down again. (cd read velocity?) anyway when I do plextools error check with the cr1 cr2 checker the cd has hardly and c1 errors and no c2 error. dont understand.
premium drive by the way

the drive is OK. so kinda confused.


PIO mode??? why? it was dma mode just a minute ago?!? thats odd.

I gonna set my master slace settings on the drive to DMA mode only. maybe that will force it for always.

I dont even think I restarted so how can windows go from dma 2 mode to pio mode.

my cables are good and connected correctly.

Windows XP? This OS has always had a problem with DMA. Please read through the Plextor FAQ since it has some information regarding Windows XP and DMA issues. Your drive has to run in UDMA mode 2 since else it will not function properly.

hoowww this is old. I fixed it now. In the registry I set it back.

it changed to pio cause I was reading badly damaged cdr’s.