Help!plex wont downgrade firmware(12/10/32a)



i just bought the 12/10/32a tla #0308 and i want to downgrade the firmware to rev 1.04 but it wont let me. it says error sending firmware. is there anyway to bypass this or did plextor permantantly lock their drives to not be able to downgrade?



i got the same problem with the 12/10/32a though i have tla #0307. i can downgrade to 1.05 or above but anything below that and i get an error
the following is from the firmware download at
Error sending firmware (4 : 40 : F5)
and the following is from the download at
Upgrade failed! (sence 70 02 3A 01)
bother errors were receved when trying to downgrade to 1.04