Help pleeese at wits end

ok i have a nec dvd_rw nd 1300a burner it has latest firmware update on it …but my problem is this when ever i try to make a dvdfrom one of my many films on hd i hit problems …i am using nero 6.6 all updated to latests versions and nero vision 3 … so first screen on nero vision 3 is make a dvd so i hit that it then says add files (2nd option down ) so i add a file(film off my h/d likw saw 2 e.g )go all the way through to the title screen and then it adds info ready to burn i hit burn and it starts to en code by showing pic in right hand side playing slowly it gets into it about a minute and then freezes my machine to the point i have to switch it off (hope this makes some sense to someone as i am new to this many thanks

If you are using Nero alone you can not copy the disk since it’s copyright protected.
You will need a program to remove the copyright protection.

Try doing this, go to and download the 21 free trial of AnyDVD.
Install it, in settings leave all the default values. It is a driver that works in the background that removes the protection as soon as the DVD is inserted. There is no interaction from user. You will know it’s working when you see the Red Fox in your taskbar.

Once installed, try using Nero again, I don’t use Nero but I believe you will need Nero Recode to copy the DVD. Maybe somebody else can jump in and advise the steps you mentioned was the correct method.

It kind of sounds like he is trying to assemble a dvd from video files. If that is the case, what kind of files are they (xvid, mpeg2…)? I’m also assuming that they are not copy protected files (if they are, itzbinnice is completlly right, you need something else to get rif of the copy guard). One possibility is that nero sometimes just doesn’t like certain file formats, and further, if they are downloaded (legally downloaded of course like freeware stuff or something), it could be a bad download. I think the first step that I would try would be to try diffrent files (preferably in a diffrent format) to see if nero is messed up or just having an issue with that particular file type or that particular file. There are other all in one converters and sometimes when nero fails, another can do it and vica versa.

My mistake, i overlooked the “when ever i try to make a dvdfrom one of my many films”. Your advice is to him/her should be followed.