Help please

Hi all, i’m trying to backup some region 1 dvd’s so i can play them in the car, all i’m getting is a working copy but still in region 1, message ‘incorrect region’ shown on screen. Set up is AnyDvd running and showing ON:1, CloneDVD2 copies to hard drive and reduces size to 4GB, then i am buring the file using Nero by dragging and dropping files into video_TS folder…what am i doing wrong?? do i need to have ANYDVD running whilst i burn to DVD-R?? i have been copying the files using laptop then transfering them to the desktop with the DVD burner then using Nero, must be doing something stupid.

Set Anydvd “Default Region” to region 2 and click OK .This will convert all DVD`s to Region 2 and should play on region 2 players. :stuck_out_tongue:

Checked that and it’s already on region 2, i was under the impression that ANYDVD removed all region coding?

Yes it does. Make sure you have checked this option…