Help please

Just joined and would appreciate some advice. I have looked hard for some awnsers but no luck so far.
I have recently installed the 811s (firmware HSOE). Using Imation (Ricoh I THINK ?) DVD+R disc media my max reported write speed on to DVD+R is 2.4x according to Nero AND Smart Burn. Is this because that IS the maximum write speed that disc will accept or would I benefit from updating the firmware to HSOP ? Nowhere on the disc packaging does it indicate that discs reported write speed. CDR burning is fine.
If I do need to update firmware where would I find the file?

So far I am extremely pleased with this product and have not experienced any problems but am loathe to fix anything that ‘aint broken’ so I would be very grateful for any help.

JP:bow: :slight_smile:

If smartburn reports 2.4x recording speed then it’s because it is 2.4x, a firmware upgrade won’t make you burn at a higher speed. However a firmware upgrade is always recommended, you can find the latest (HS0P) here

this will also give you info on the disc so you can look it up on the media forum:


Thanks for the helpful advice folks.